With 351 sixes, Shahid Afridi tops the rundown of batsmen who have hit most sixes in the ODI design; he has 80 more than the following best Sanath Jayasuriya (270). Playing for about 20 years in the wake of making his presentation at a youthful age of 16, Afridi guaranteed he heaped a pile of sixes in the ODI cricket which is not going to be a simple errand for most others to break.

In spite of the fact that hitting a six is a great deal less demanding now particularly in restricted overs cricket, a player needs a long vocation for breaking Afridi’s record, say, he plays up to 300 ODIs or he should land at an early age as in this period it isn’t normal to see players last up to 36-37 years.

Here are a couple of players who have a shot of breaking Afridi’s compelling record considering their numbers till now:

Player Team Matches Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Sixes/Inns Balls/Six
Eoin Morgan England / Ireland 185 174 5772 6513 481 149 0.86 43.71
Martin Guptill New Zealand 146 143 5500 6269 567 138 0.97 45.43
Rohit Sharma India 158 152 5435 6427 464 124 0.82 51.83
Jos Buttler England 94 81 2460 2085 207 74 0.91 28.18

Among the dynamic ones, who can last an additional 6 years – England captain Eoin Morgan, New Zealand opener Martin Guptill and Indian opener Rohit Sharma have hit more than 120 ODI sixes up until now. Britain wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler additionally has an outside possibility notwithstanding hitting just 74 sixes so far as he is matured 26 and perhaps has 10 years of International cricket dissimilar to Morgan, Guptill and Rohit who as of late gone into their 31st year.

Among the four, Rohit’s six hitting recurrence is the most minimal however over the most recent 4 years, he has hit 101 sixes in only 71 innings. He now needs to play more ODIs as he has been missing many in the previous 1-2 years because of wounds and with the administration picking to handle a moment string side against weaker rivals.

It is no big surprise that the previously mentioned players discover a place in the main 5 six hitters in ODI over the most recent 4 years, a rundown driven by AB de Villiers. The 33-year-old from South Africa likewise has a possibility however given the intrigue, he has appeared in playing the International cricket, Afridi can inhale simple.

Most sixes by individuals in ODIs since 2013:

Player Team Matches Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Sixes/Inns Balls/Six
AB de Villiers South Africa 90 86 4151 3747 341 106 1.23 35.35
Rohit Sharma India 72 71 3457 3889 327 101 1.42 38.51
Eoin Morgan England 99 93 3167 3450 255 100 1.08 34.5
Martin Guptill New Zealand 81 80 3349 3601 357 96 1.2 37.51
Jos Buttler England 93 80 2460 2083 207 74 0.93 28.15


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